Carat: an Android and iOS Battery Saver

A lot of attention has been drawn to this new smartphone application for iPhone and Android, codenamed Carat. This handy little application is called Carat.

What is Carat?

This application is called Carat. The app is positioned as a revolutionary program that gives you recommendations on the basis of your smartphone, with performance analysis helping you to prolong the battery life. The essence of the application is that it works secretly from user, automatically makes some changes to settings, calculates, and then unites the gathered information with personal data. As a result the program may give you advice on what should be changed, whether some apps should be updated (or the whole OS in general), and also it informs you about the amount of time you will get after corrections and changes made by Carat.

As battery creation technologies develop pretty slowly, some people say that the app will help to prolong battery life up to 5% a year. And with the development of faster processors, more powerful applications and brighter displays, everyone may be interested in Carat. The application was created by a group of masters and candidates of sciences from UC Berkeley Algorithms, Machines and People Lab (AMP Lab). Carat was not made for making money. This product helps the team of developers to gather more anonymous confidential information for their research that may help to prolong battery life of our devices.

Carat’s recommendations are divided into bugs deletion and hogs deletion. And that doesn’t mean that the app where problems were detected isn’t necessarily malware. Energy bugs are usually applications thatconsume much more energy in comparison with other apps and that may mean that they’re defective. In this case Carat will recommend re-launch the application or re-download it.

Hogs are the applications that consume a lot of resources working uselessly in the background, for example, stream music applications. Carat will remind you to close them, which will be especially useful when in the middle of the working day you will get a notification that there’s only 20% of battery left and you’ll be able to use your phone for calls and messages until the battery is empty.

Some things that became clear with the help of Carat:

  • The very first test made with the help of Carat among 100 users revealed 35 applications with energy bugs. Thus, the app proved that the information given by it is really useful;
  • Since its release Carat has found thousands of energy bugs on real devices;
  • Skype, Yelp, Pandora are among the most popular hogs. I can’t say that they are ineffective but they need more energy than most of the apps and thus they occupy first places in the list of apps to be closed first.

Project manager Adam Oliner says that this application is a big step forward, because other applications of such type give just general recommendations how to prolong your battery life. These recommendations are based on general assumptions based on the information from your mobile device. They look like “close all applications”, “make the display less bright”. At the same time, Carat takes into consideration all the data gathered from different sources. Carat consumes minimum battery energy and the more you use it the more useful recommendations it gives. In addition to that, the team of developers shares the information about the bugs found with the application developers so that they can fix the problem.

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Author’s bio: Eugene Rudenko is a tech writer for IT company Intellectsoft. His main interests and topics for writing are Apple, Android development and apps for BlackBerry.

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  1. I just got a ipad and considering the cost involved to change the battery in it I’ll get this apps for sure.

    I had one on my iphone long time ago but it wasn’t doing much other than changing my charging screen.

    This one seems to be doing a better job and I hope it will save my battery. I guess I’ll need all the help I can get considering the I use skype a lot and it is on your list of high ressource apps :)

    Thanks for the post !
    Phil V recently posted..Best vacuum for pet hairMy Profile

  2. 2x Battery Saver is a great option too. It is seriously great and manages your Data connection perfectly. I mean, it saves your battery pretty well depending upon your mobile data or WiFi’s status. Install that app to know more.
    Kuldeep recently posted..UC Browser for PC – Free DownloadMy Profile

    • I used Battery Saver once but it uses more battery, how come it become a battery saver? I guess it uses more battery because it keeps on monitoring all the open applications.
      I should try this “Carat” if this will really work.


  1. […] Carat is a utility application which will monitor your battery and provide you with the best options to increase your battery life. It claims to use almost no power. After about a week of the app being installed, it’ll be able to tell you what’s contributing to the most power consumption – for example if bluetooth, for example was taking up too much battery it’d recommend you to disable it. It may sound a bit basic for the advanced android user, however it’s still a definite download. […]

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