UnoTelly Review – 5 Stars

UnoTelly is a DNS based service that lets you access blocked channels like Netflix, Hulu,  BBC iPlayer and more, from anywhere in the world with a simple press of a button. They support a number of channels, which can be viewed here. The difference between the UnoDNS (what UnoTelly uses) and a traditional VPN is that it has a much faster connection for streaming video compared to VPN services. That's because unlike VPNs there is no "middle-man" meaning you stream the TV channel directly Read more [...]

Tech Devices You Can Control With Your Smartphone

Apps for smartphones and tablets aren't limited to gifts for teenagers anymore. Adults can get a lot of functionality from a few simple apps - and apps that are used in conjunction with an external device can be twice as useful. From thermostats to lightbulbs, you can save energy, money, and hassle by upgrading to a device that's connected to your mobile phone. Lock Your Door Have you ever been so frazzled, overtired, or distracted in the morning that you forget to lock your front door on the Read more [...]

How to Speed Up your Broadband

Many now believe that their broadband connection is one of the most important utility in their household, keeping up with friends and even watching their favourite programs all through their broadband. The average broadband speed in the UK is 12.5Mps, though many households vary, suburban households should be receiving 8Mbps+ but rural areas do get much lower. As such getting the best broadband speed has become a constant pursuit for many, helping them to stream TV shows and download music as Read more [...]

Three of the lightest laptops

The portability of laptops is determined by several factors: display size, overall form-factor, and battery life are all important. But perhaps the most important portability factor is the laptop's weight. We look at some of the lightest and most popular laptops on the market today.   Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the lightest of the manufacturer’s laptops. It sports a classic black casing that is recognizable from the ThinkPads of yore. The difference with Read more [...]

Best Smartphones and Tablets For Photography

Tablets and smartphones are taking the world by storm, and are especially good for photography. The introduction of easy-to-use touchscreens that respond to multiple points of contact have made life easier for professional photographers and shutterbugs alike. With extremely high mega-pixel rates and user-friendly interfaces, many of the best tablets and smartphones come with built-in cameras that are causing digital cameras to collect dust. Windows, Apple, and Android users also benefit from a vast Read more [...]