Top 5 Best New & Free Android Games of February 2015

Welcome to our February 2015 list of the best new and free android games. To see the best new and free android games of March 2015, subscribe to our email list.   5. Switch Lanes              Switch Lanes is designed as fun and free, fast-paced addicting game. The idea of the game is that your brakes have broken on a busy road and you must survive by switching lanes. We like the great graphics, UI and beautiful transitions that make it a great game for any Android device. It Read more [...]

The Five Most Useful Apps for Your Android Tablet

With the level of attention focused on games involving birds and pigs, undead vegetation and levitating scribbles – not to mention all those “novelty” apps that allow you to spend your precious time fulfilling noble tasks like making your friends’ faces fatter – it’s easy to forget that your tablet can actually be used productively. With this in mind, here are five apps that are actually useful and, as such, should be among the first downloads on your Android tablet. 1. SwiftKey Read more [...]

Top 10 Free Nexus 4 Apps

So you've picked up Google's brand new Nexus 4 smartphone, now what? Why not download our Top 10 free Nexus 4 Apps. The Nexus 4 is undoubtely one of the best budget smartphones to be released. Featuring a beautiful HD screen resolution fitted on a spacious 4.7 inch screen and a speedy quad core processor, the Nexus 4 is one of the best android smartphones in it's price range. It retails for just $299 on Google's official product page. To download any of the following applications, simply click Read more [...]

Carat: an Android and iOS Battery Saver

A lot of attention has been drawn to this new smartphone application for iPhone and Android, codenamed Carat. This handy little application is called Carat. What is Carat? This application is called Carat. The app is positioned as a revolutionary program that gives you recommendations on the basis of your smartphone, with performance analysis helping you to prolong the battery life. The essence of the application is that it works secretly from user, automatically makes some changes to settings, Read more [...]

Free Android RPG: Inotia 3 – Children of Carnia

One of the best Free Android RPG games on Android has to be a game developed by Com2Us called "Inotia 3 - Children of Carnia." This Free Android RPG is also available on iPhones. It works on low end devices such as the HTC Wildfire S which is a great bonus. In Inotia 3, you start off in the forest, collecting leather for your adulthood ceremony tommorow. The next day, you celebrate the adulthood ceremony by collecting a leaf from the sacred tree, accompanied by your crush.However, while travelling Read more [...]