[FIX] TP-Link WN781ND Slow? Wireless N is probably disabled…

I have a TP-Link WN781ND (Atheros AR9485) wireless wifi card in my computer. It was annoying me though, as my 30mb/s internet connection was only performing at 2mb/s... This made everything harder as downloading games and watching streams were now impossible. I had two of the same wireless card, so I swapped them out and my card wasn't broken, both TP-Link WN781ND's performed slowly. So I went digging around and this is how I fixed it in Windows 7 or 8: Get the latest driver for this Read more [...]

How To Move All Windows to your Second Monitor | Windows 8

If you need to move all your PC's windows onto your second monitor to use your first monitor for something else like your XBOX, here is how you do it:   1. Press the windows key + P 2. When the menu comes up click "Second Screen Only" 3. Your windows will all move to the second monitor! You can now use your first monitor for something else. 4. Once completed, press the windows key + P again and change it to "Extend" to get it back to normal. Read more [...]

Speed up windows – the free, ultimate how to guide

If your Windows PC is running slow and laggy then this free, ultimate how to guide will teach you how to speed up windows. We are not responsible for any damage you cause to your PC. To speed up windows, clean up temporary files. To delete the basic temporary files, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup. You can also check the other options - If the other options are massive file sizes, go ahead and delete them! Also, go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache\ Read more [...]