The Best Games For Ultrabooks

The ultrabook – a lightweight, high-powered category of laptop – first came into existence in 2011 to compete against the Macbook Air. Since then, ultrabooks have sought to carve out a stake in the computing market and broaden their demographic appeal. Models have been designed for both business and leisure users. The combination of portability with good performance and longer battery lives mean that ultrabooks could be of interest to serious gamers. Desktops and consoles are difficult to Read more [...]

Top 5 Films of 2013

Want to know the best films to watch in 2013? When they're being released? TechTeen has got you covered as we list the Top 5 Films of 2013... To help you as you strive to pick the perfect film, we've tried to mix up the genres as much as possible. We personally prefer action or comedy films, however we've reluctantly added some romantic and drama films into the bunch. If these films aren't cutting it for you, IMDB is a great place to find a film - new or old, good or bad. Without further ado, Read more [...]