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The Consumer Electronics show has come and gone again, but not without leaving us craving for more. As newer and more modern technologies rise to the surface each year, the competition is more fierce than ever to bring the biggest toys to the show, needless to say, there were plenty of eye-catchers just begging to be had. This years event showcased everything from putting your house in the cloud, and having it learn on a more personal level about it’s occupants’ habits and daily routine, to having your fork let you know when you need to slow down eating some chow. Of course it is an electronics show, so brands like Sony and Panasonic were unveiling the next lines of TVs; UHDTVs and OLED TVs.


Smart Houses? Yes, Please



Imagine the possibilities of having your home truly automated; plumbing that could tell you if you needed a repair, and where to look to fix it. What about having your house turn up the heat, right before you get up for work in the mornings, so no more dealing with a chilly rush to get dressed? That’s just what leading companies like AT&T are cooking up and showing off, as they get their heads into cloud-based technologies, and the potential they offer to change how people live and think. AT&T is labeling this project as digital life, and they hope to be pushing it out on the market later this year. So, while the idea may seem far-fetched right now, people may very well be controlling their air conditioners and flushing their toilets, using either their tablets or voices, in just a short while.


Forks That Tell You How To Eat


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Probably the next big thing to show up on fitness shows, HAPIforks, made by HAPILABS. The forks and spoons come equipped with the ability to monitor how long you eat, how many bites your taking, and also, how fast you are gobbling down grub. If it thinks you need to slow down it will begin vibrating, hopefully not to vigorously or you may wind up with pudding down your pants. The end that has the motor is completely detachable from the rest of the utensil, so if you want to ever cheat a bit, just take it off and let the feasting begin.





Big names like Sony and Panasonic are still having a hard time figuring out which TV’s are going to be the next big thing in television. On one hand there is the Ultra, which can push out a stunning resolution of over 4K, which is enough to make any TV enthusiast start to drool. The OLED TV’s have little something different to add to the pot, though. They have the ability to produce blacks levels so deep, it has been reported that they cannot even be measured by standard equipment. Both TV’s showcase special qualities that make them great, however if they can combine these two technologies together and make one TV, then they will have a true winner. Don’t expect to see one at a local retailer anytime soon, because with price tags of 5-digits and up, these TVs are going to need to go down in price a bit, before they show up in the average Joe’s living room.


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  2. smart house is really a awesome things for incoming future as the time passes out automation and digital world make it very easy to see such a miracle thing in near by future.just we have to wait & see where we have to visit in next five to ten years.
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