The Five Most Useful Apps for Your Android Tablet

With the level of attention focused on games involving birds and pigs, undead vegetation and levitating scribbles – not to mention all those “novelty” apps that allow you to spend your precious time fulfilling noble tasks like making your friends’ faces fatter – it’s easy to forget that your tablet can actually be used productively. With this in mind, here are five apps that are actually useful and, as such, should be among the first downloads on your Android tablet.

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1. SwiftKey Tablet Keyboard

Ok, first things first – if you want to get some work done on your tablet, then you’ll be reliant on its keyboard. Consequently, you’ll need SwiftKey, a superlative keyboard app that gives you spookily accurate text prediction, learns new words as you type and gives you autocorrect for a host of languages. In short, this should be the first app on any Android tablet.

2. WiFi File Transfer Pro

While WiFi File Transfer Pro (or WFFTP as literally no one calls it) may not be the most glamorous app around, its utility is undeniable, allowing you to wirelessly transfer files from your computer to your tablet. For freeing you from the tyranny of USB cables, WiFi File Transfer Pro is another must-have download.

 3. Office Suite Pro 7

Let’s face it, if you want to use it properly, you need an office suite on your tablet, and Office Suite Pro 7 is among the best for Android, handling Word, Excel and Powerpoint files with ease, and even throwing in an excellent PDF reader as well. Beyond this, its features list is vast and varied, including everything from Dropbox and Google Drive support to the ability to transfer files via Bluetooth.

4. Nexus Media Importer

Nexus Media Importer has been creating quite a buzz amongst Android-minded tech heads the world over, with millions of users enthused by the fact that they can now move files from an SD card or USB memory stick to their tablet. This is great for watching films on the go, accessing vital documents or viewing photos, and adds a vital new weapon to your Android tablet’s arsenal.

5. Camera Zoom FX

Finally, if you want the camera on your tablet to be the best that it can be, then you need Camera Zoom FX, a photo app whose embarrassment of riches includes various zoom options, one-click uploading to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, and the ability to tweak ISO, saturation, brightness, exposure and contrast levels. The app can also work wonders on your existing photo library, with a multitude of frames, effects and textures available so you can edit to your heart’s content. All this adds up to a fantastic photo app, and one that deserves a place on your homescreen.

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  1. This is a nice collection Ash! I already have Wifi File Transfer pro and Office Suite in my tablet. Right now, I’m planning to get Camera Zoom Fx since I like to customize my pictures. Thanks for sharing!
    Ronaldo Ferrer recently posted..How to Root your LG Google Nexus 4 Part 3: FAQs and MiscellaneousMy Profile

  2. Hi Ash,

    I don’t have a Tablet at the moment but I like to buy one. It’s a good thing I ran into your post. This is an interesting post and it is also informative. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs ZombiesMy Profile

  3. SwiftKey for tablet is a definite must. The other collection of apps is great too! :-)
    Kuldeep recently posted..UC Browser for PC – Free DownloadMy Profile

  4. I have used Wifi File Transfer pro. Its good apps good transfer speed, easy to install and easy to use. Other Apps whice are included in this post are aslo good. Kindly list more mobile apps that are android related devices.

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