How to Increase iOS 6 Battery Life in 6 steps

Sick of charging your iOS 6 device frequently? Here’s a guide to increase iOS 6 battery life, in just 6 simple steps. Apple, unlike their rivals, seem to get everything right when it comes to creating their products – speed, stability, security and design are always the strongest selling points of Apple products. However, they seem to always fall short when it comes to battery life – I’m not really an Apple product user but I’m always seeing complaints about the battery life in iOS 6 devices. It’s pretty simple to combat these problems, fortunately.


Update your existing apps.

If you’ve got applications that are not updated for full iOS 6 compatability yet, it’s your duty to check whether there are any updates available for a particular app. Whenever you find an updated application, try to implement the update as soon as possible to avoid battery draining problems. For example, an application may have been having problems in the past with memory leaks which’d cause unnecessary battery drain.


Turn off wireless radios when not in use.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are constantly scanning in the background for new Wi-Fi hotspots and potential bluetooth devices to pair up with. This could be a major cause of drainage to your battery life. iOS 6 has implemented options which make disabling these features much faster and efficient on your iOS 6 device.


Turn off background apps

The apps that use GPS services for navigation will often drain your battery while most applications will not have any impact on your battery life, so you can raise your battery life by simply turning off the multitasking power of app and killing back ground applications.

Disable notifications unneeded notifications

There are some apps that needs  theconstant use of GPS services to provide results, for example passbook on your Apple device is used to keep track of various passes by tracking your location, which results in more battery being used. To lower battery consumption disable location service from your device. If you want any email alerts or bill reminders instead of relying on the app try to check them manually.

Disable apps that require additional services

Some apps require location services to operate; you can either update those apps with newer versions or just disable them which are no longer used by you. Some may use backup power with the help of iCloud to restore the data that has deleted accidentally, so use this option only if you feel it is necessary else just turn off this option.

Avoid using cellular data

If you don’t want to utilise the data service then turn off your cellular data services to save your battery life.  You can even set your mobile to airplane mode to avoid accessing cellular data. This can greatly boost your battery life. Several other features such as LTE, Siri, will work efficient on 3G networks if you don’t want to utilise these services then change your device settings by disabling them.

Apart from battery life there are many other amazing features in iOS 6 versions, if you want to buy any device that is compatible with iOS 6 and are lacking funds then try taking loans for bad debt as your option. We hope this guide helped you to increase iOS 6 Battery Life on your device.

Author Bio : This guest post is written by Jessica Williams who is a specialist in financial blogging from USA. Apart from blogging, she does research on loans for payday loans online. Reach her @financeport.

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  1. Nice post but I have a Question related to my iPhone. Can i configure it such that it should automatically go to sleep mode when left inactive for sometime just like any PC? If yes then how?
    ravi kumar recently posted..How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog?My Profile

  2. Most of the tips listed above can be used to improve battery life of not only iPhone but any of the smartphone.
    Naser recently posted..Top 5 Pocket Sized Digital CamerasMy Profile

  3. Use your headsets instead of loud speakers. Thank you for sharing these tips to improve the battery life.

  4. I tweak the screen brightness down just to save a bit also. I do not need mine glowing all the time.

    Great tips and would with work for any smartphone or tablet.

    Tim Potter recently posted..How to Web Log or Blog using BloggerMy Profile

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