How To Make REAL Money Playing Video Games – $340 a month!

Here is a no catch method to make real money while playing video games. You can make as much as $340 a month by just playing video games! This is because you can make $12 a day from this method. If you were to do this everyday for a month, you’d make about $340 just from this one method.

This blog post will give you a realistic overview of the method while playing this video game.

Don’t pay a cent for any eBooks on Video Game money making as many of them are just other people trying to make money off of you.

This method has been created using 3 simple essentials. Most people who want to make money by playing video games have these tools already:

  • An XBOX or PS3 – $200
  • A PayPal account – Free
  • Am computer – Varies
  • FIFA 13 – $45

Expenditure = Around $300

Potential profit = $340 in just one month!

Coins Clipart

This method is very simple and can be done by playing the “Ultimate Team” game mode on FIFA 13. FIFA 13 is a soccer (football) simulation video game. There is a game mode called “Ultimate Team” that lets gamers use virtual coins in order to purchase players. The aim of this game mode is to create their dream team.

Now, this game mode is SO popular that people actually pay real money in order to speed up their progress in the game. For example, Sergio Aguero FIFA 13 Card  say if I wanted to buy “Sergio Aguero.” He costs about 100,000 virtual coins but I cannot afford that. So, I would fork out $12 of my real money in order to buy 100,000 virtual coins from a coin seller. A coin seller is what YOU need to be in order to make money playing video games.

To make virtual coins, all you need to do is TRADE players. This is like real life trading. You buy players cheaply and to sell them for a higher price. There are MANY videos on YouTube teaching you how to trade in FIFA 13 ultimate team. Now what you’re aiming for is to trade your way to at least 100,000 coins everyday in order to make $340 a month. I know it seems tiresome, but you’re making money playing video games!

There are also blackhat methods to make virtual coins in ultimate team such as buying scripts which automatically make coins for you. This can get you banned from EA’s video game.

Once you are confident with trading and can make enough coins, all you need to do is start promoting yourself. Post on YouTube videos that you’re selling Ultimate Team coins and leave your skype name for people that are interested. Whenever you get a customer, tell them to send money to your PayPal account. Once you receive the payment, send them their virtual coins.

You are now making REAL money by playing Video Games! You can also take it one step further and make a whole website selling virtual coins. Here is an example: FifaCoinsOnline

I hope if you are a gamer you try out this method and are successful in making real life money with it.

To your success!


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