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When it comes to blogging, building your email list is one of the most daunting tasks. It’s similar to a street petition. You have people (traffic) walking past you while you wave information at them, trying ever so hard for them to convert into a subscriber, or in our example; convert them into a “petitioner.”

There are so many ways to build your list, be it via social media, SEO, offline promotion and contests. These ways are getting more and more sussed out by the average customer, meaning it’s easier for them to tell if you’re just trying to sell them something or not.

That’s why I’m here to show you an amazing, all-in-one wordpress plugin that’ll increase your conversion rates by as much as 400%!

The plugin is called WPSubscribers.


What is WPSubscribers?

WPSuscribers is a premium wordpress plugin that let’s you easily gain a massive email list, with it’s easy to use tools and features. WPSubscribers allows you to:

  • Add An Optin Form
  • Subscribe after commenting
  • Put a “Subscribe” Box In Any or All Posts
  • Create multiple “are you sure?” exit popups
  • Gain UNLIMITED Opt-ins
  • Works With ANY Email Service Provider
  • View detailed Analytics
  • Integrate Facebook with your opt-ins
  • Much More

This all in one tool is the key to a gigantic email list. You can even add a referral system so your subscribers are even more engaged with your WordPress blog.

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Imagine gaining 10,000 email subscribers because they all wanted to see that 700 word post you wrote on gaining YouTube views!?

This is all possible using the WPSubscribers plugin.

Now, this plugin costs just around $47. This may seem a lot at first. IMAGINE the potential earnings you could make from this all-in-one plugin. You could probably turnaround this $47 in just over a month and overtime you’ll never regret this

purchase. Imagine sending out an affiliate link driven email about the best selling Christmas gifts….to thousands of people! The possibilities with this plugin is endless.

Don’t like it? No problem! This awesome plugin comes with an 60-Day guarantee. If you have $47, I highly recommend you go for this product. You have nothing to lose, since you have that 60 day guarantee.

Still Interested? Great!

Increase Your WordPress Conversion Rates by 400% now!


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  1. Building a massive email list on top of solid content really is a great way to go in terms of Internet Marketing. The plugin is a touch too expensive for my liking but the returns could be absolutely phenomenal.

    I like the idea, it’s just that I might consider buying if there were more reviews on the plugin at the moment. I’m sitting this one out until I see more reviews. :)
    Shandi Tan recently posted..Facebook Chair: Intelligent Branding and Your Social Media Marketing StrategyMy Profile

  2. I have noticed many websites are now including this option for people to subscribe to their mailing lists or feeds after commenting and I think it is a great idea to build readership. I am not in the market to buy any new plugins right now (sometimes the free ones work just as good if not better) but I will keep it in mind for sure.

    Also I just wanted to let you know that I got an error when I clicked on your tweet me twitter option above… not sure if it was on my end or yours, but figured I’d let you know :)

    Justine recently posted..Living Life in Lower AlabamaMy Profile

  3. WPSubscribers is a great plugin. Another option is OptinSkin. That also costs $47 and has pretty decent looks.
    Subodh recently posted..How to Convert PDF File to JPG FileMy Profile

  4. I like the plugin idea to build a massive email list. Thanks for the post.

  5. Thanks. Seems good. I am going to check it’s details right now.
    Thanks for sharing
    Saurabh recently posted..Google Penguin and Panda – The Definition, Difference, Protection For You #InfoGraphicMy Profile

  6. Email subsciption is the best way to keep your readers updated about your blogs. In this format the plugin is really useful.

  7. The plugin looks great but the only disadvantage is that it is 47$. Will look for a free alternative plugin and make use of it. Thank you for the valuable resource about this plugin.
    Jason recently posted..10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia – (List of Top 10 Bloggers in Malaysia)My Profile

  8. great article for wordpess blogger this is something unique
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted..Reputation: What Has it Become?My Profile

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