Top 10 Free Nexus 4 Apps

So you’ve picked up Google’s brand new Nexus 4 smartphone, now what? Why not download our Top 10 free Nexus 4 Apps.

The Nexus 4 is undoubtely one of the best budget smartphones to be released. Featuring a beautiful HD screen resolution fitted on a spacious 4.7 inch screen and a speedy quad core processor, the Nexus 4 is one of the best android smartphones in it’s price range. It retails for just $299 on Google’s official product page. To download any of the following applications, simply click their heading and it’ll take you straight to their download page on Google Play. These are not in order of awesomeness – they’re all awesome apps in their own ways!


10. Carat

Carat App Logo

Carat is a utility application which will monitor your battery and provide you with the best options to increase your battery life. It claims to use almost no power. After about a week of the app being installed, it’ll be able to tell you what’s contributing to the most power consumption – for example if bluetooth, for example was taking up too much battery it’d recommend you to disable it. It may sound a bit basic for the advanced android user, however it’s still a definite download.


9. Pulse News

Pulse News App Logo

Pulse News is a beautiful, clean and elegant ne ws reader that’ll keep you up to date with the latest news – in the most professional way possible. You can add any website that has an RSS feed, however Pulse News automatically has the most popular news websites added for user simplicity. Pulse will present your news in a nice magazine style so you wont have to scroll left and right – only up and down. Another great feature we like about it is that it can pull the “Top technology news” or the top news of any category. Why not add TechTeen to your Pulse RSS feed? You know you want too!


8. Viber

Do you have friends or family that are also on Android? Scrap that, are they even on iOS, Windows or Blackberry smartphones? Lucky for you and your friends, Viber is your solution to free calls and text messages. As long as you have internet – be it your home WiFi, 3G, 4G, or even the slow and daunting Starbucks WiFi then you’ll be able to text and call for free using this handy little app. If your friends are on viber and you both have access to the internet, viber can automatically call them using their service – costing you nothing. Now if some asks you “Call me maybe?” you can do it for free!


7. SpeakToIt Assistant

Speak To It App Logo

When buying your Nexus 4, did you think about buying an Apple device for Siri? Well, luckily there’s loads of free “Siri” alternatives on the Google Play store. Our favourite right now is SpeakToIt, however it’ll probably change as there is quite a few in competition. SpeakToIt is a voice assistant which can automate tasks for you. Jane, your personal assistant can answer questions, find information, launch applications and even connect you to Facebook and other social medias. It got ranked one of the Top 10 apps of the year by the New York Times which is pretty impressive.


6. Google Drive

Google Drive App Logo

You may be worried about losing all your photos, videos, files and so forth if your Nexus 4 happens to have a problem. If so, you may want to download Google Drive – from the Android creators themselves. Google Drive is an online storage cloud, much like Dropbox but with much more free storage (which is why we chose it!) You can easily upload your photos, videos and files and protect them with their handy privacy features. For example, you may want your grandma to see that hilarious video of you falling into the pool last summer – but maybe not your boss. With Google Drive, all you’d have to do is type your grandma’s email (if she has one, unlikely) and then she’ll be able to see it.


5. MoboPlayer

MoboPlayer App Logo

If you like to watch videos on your Nexus 4 but can’t be bothered to convert them to .mp4 everytime, you’re in luck. You won’t ever have to convert a video again once you’ve downloaded MoboPlayer as it can play literally every popular video file type. It’s powerful codecs can play video file types such as MKV, MPV, MOV, AVI and even has support for subtitles. It also has support for streaming video – you may be thinking it’s too good to be true! I thought that at first, and I bet the 10 million that’ve downloaded it already agree too.


4. OneCast

OneCast App Logo

(If you don’t listen to iTunes podcasts, you may want to skip this one.) The annoyance of podcasts is that it’s market is dominated by iTunes – Android’s biggest rival. If you wanted to download a podcast, you’d have to download iTunes which you don’t need and then transfer it onto your Nexus 4, taking up  your precious time. OneCast can pull iTunes podcasts and directly stream them to your Nexus 4 without the need of your computer. It has a elegant, clean UI and remembers which podcasts you listen too – making it handy the next time you launch it. You may not think that this shouldn’t be one of our top 10 free nexus 4 apps, however it’s definitely handy to listen to podcasts on Android without iTunes.


3. Flashlight

Flashlight App Logo

The darkness can be pretty annoying (and scary) especially when it’s not very well lit. Thanks to Flashlight, the darkness has never been so friendly.  This handy little application uses the LED on the back of your phone to create a bright, illuminous light. Imagine your car broke down in the countryside, where little lamposts are present  – this app could save you a lot of time and hassle. It’s pretty amazing how 10 years ago no one would’ve thought phones would have “torches” on them!


2. Seesmic

Seesmic Application Logo

Seesmic is by far our favourite twitter application. You can view your tweets, replies, lists, and direct messages all from the application. You also have the ability to see how many people have retweeted you, what topics are trending and use multiple twitter accounts. You can even add your Facebook account to Seesmic and view your friends statuses alongside your tweets. We mainly like it due to the Simple GUI and handy features. However, the advertisements draw some “cool points” away from it. It’s free though, so we can’t really complain too much.


1. imo messenger

imo messenger app logo

imo messenger is the handiest instant messaging application on the Google Play store today. This powerful instant messaging client can let you speak to contacts on Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, Hyves, VKontakte and Steam all at once. You can share files, images and videos in your chats aswell as receive new message notifications in the background. It supports group messaging ,  voice messaging and even live voice calls. It is a must-have if you use any of the IM services listed above.

We hope you enjoyed our Top 10 free Nexus 4 Apps. Looking for some games on your Nexus smartphone? Try Iniota 3, a free Android RPG.

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  1. Nice information thank you for sharing it, i have dowloaded a couple of apps like viber, google drive. I also want to download imo messenger and mobo players.
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  2. Nice list of apps. Five from these list are already installed on my Android.

    Android is the best!!
    Thejas Kamath recently posted..Confused About Analytics Report? Is It Counting Your Own Visits?My Profile

  3. Hi, Great list of Free Nexus 4 apps. I know only Google Drive drive and not even heard any other names which are listed above. Thanks for Sharing this Great list!
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