Top 5 Films of 2013

Want to know the best films to watch in 2013? When they’re being released? TechTeen has got you covered as we list the Top 5 Films of 2013…

To help you as you strive to pick the perfect film, we’ve tried to mix up the genres as much as possible. We personally prefer action or comedy films, however we’ve reluctantly added some romantic and drama films into the bunch. If these films aren’t cutting it for you, IMDB is a great place to find a film – new or old, good or bad.

Without further ado, present you our Top 5 Films of 2013.

1. Iron Man 3

Action | 3 May 2013 (USA) | Recommended Audience: 12+


Little explaining to do here. Come on, you MUST know about Iron Man? If you want to see a billionaire (Robert Downey Jnr.) flying around in a robotic costume, defending the world from major threats then this is the film for you. With tonnes of amazing VFX, camera shots and a gripping storyline Iron Man 3 is a great film for any movie go-er. This film definitely makes it into our top 5 films of 2013. More Info

2. Fast And Furious 6

Action | 24 May 2013 (USA) | Recommended Audience: 12+

Fast And Furious 6 Poster

Nicknamed “Fast 6″ – Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson star in another epic fast and furious film. Guaranteed to have a array of gun fights, girls and gasoline – no film gets more manly than this. Directed by Justin Lin and written by Chris Morgan, this movie lives up to it’s name: it’s fast, furious and pretty awesome. By the time you exit this film, you’ll be doing 100 MPH all the way home. Not that we recommend that, though. More Info

3. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Adventure/Fantasy | 13 December 2013 (USA) | Recommended Audience: 12+

The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug Poster

When Bilbo, the Dwarves and Gandalf escape the Misty Mountains, They continue their journey to get their gold back from the Dragon, Smaug. Directed by Peter Jackson and starring actors such as Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and Richard Armitage, the epic quest continues with plenty of fantasy for any movie-goer. If you saw the last “The Hobbit” film, you’ll definitely want to see this one as it is certainly one of the top 5 films of 2013! More Info

4. Safe Haven

Drama/Romance | 14 February 2013 (USA) | Recommended Audience: 12+

Safe Haven Poster

When a young woman named Katie with a mysterious past arrives in North Carolina, her love for a widower forces her to reveal one of the deepest and darkest secrets of her past. Starring Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel and Cobie Smulders, this film is great for any romantic film lover. More Info

5. 21 And Over

Comedy | 1 March 2013 (USA) | Recommended Audience: 18+

21 and over poster

The night before a 20 year old student has to take his important Medical exam, he celebrates his 21st birthday with his two best friends. It was supposed to be a quick beer but turns into a a night of humiliation, over indulgence and utter debauchery. More Info

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  1. Ash – Nice to know about these movies, I have heard about the Iron Man sequel and am definitely waiting for that one. The others look promising too, let us see how well they perform and if they prove to be as good as their reviews and previews shown till now :-)
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..Waze – A Crowd-sourced Navigation AppMy Profile

    • Hi Praveen,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I cannot wait to see Iron Man 3 aswell, both of the other films were great and I enjoyed them a lot. Also I will also be checking the reviews of other films before going out to see them.

  2. Nice round up of movies Ash!

    I wish I had the kind of time to sit and watch movies. Yes, but I guess with the new releases you can surely take out some time. I too have heard of the Iron Man and think it would be a nice one, and so would Safe Haven.

    Thanks for sharing these with us :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Why Do We Sleep – A Lesson to LearnMy Profile

  3. waiting for the release of iron man 3 movie and fast and furious 6… furiously…

  4. Looking forward for watching the movie SAFE HEAVEN. As I like to be romantic and cool.
    Micheal recently posted..Magic Pencil Earphones: Cute Wearable Pencil EarphonesMy Profile

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