Top Christmas Gadget Gifts for teenagers

Technology gadgets are all the rage with teenagers today. They want something that they can easily take with them but something that has all of the things they need, like a music player, video player, gaming system and once in a while, something to help them with homework. There are many gadgets out there that will do what most teenagers want but if you want to find the top gadgets for teenagers, you need to first decipher exactly what they are going to be using the gadget for and then go from there.

Android Based Tablets

Android based tablet computers are like super-sized smartphones but while the smartphones typically have a 4” screen, the tablet can have anywhere from a 7 to a 10” screen. They come with the Android operating system and the ability to connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot. What makes this type of gadget stand out is the abundance of apps that the teenager can purchase through the Google Play store. First, they can download music, television shows and movies just as they would through iTunes and watch them on the tablet. Then they can also find thousands of apps that range from games to productivity like Kingsoft Office. This is one type of table that will work for most teenagers who want a full featured tablet and for parents who do not want to pay the full price of an iPad.


iPad 1, 2 or 3

The iPad is Apple’s tablet computer. With the iPad, the teenager can do virtually anything they could do with a computer. They can purchase games through the App Store and buy music from iTunes. There are also ways to access the internet whether on Wi-Fi or on a cellular data plan. The iPad is the ideal gadget for a teenager who already has an iPhone since they can both sync together when they are on the same Wi-Fi network. To explain better; when the teenager takes a picture with their iPhone it is stored on their phone but when they have the sync set up, the picture will also be saved to their photo stream which is available on both the iPhone and the iPad. Additionally, when the sync is set up, as they add apps to one device, it is also uploaded to the other device.


Kindle Fire

The Kindle has been a mainstay in e-readers but they have lacked the technological features that tablet computers offer. Today’s Kindle gives teenagers the best of both worlds, the Kindle e-reader combined with the Android operating system, the Google Play store and all of the top apps that teenagers want. This type of gadget is perfect for the teenager who enjoys reading and needs to have their vast library of books converted to e-books.


Ultra book Computers 

The ultra-book computers are the latest thing in the computer world. They provide the same features as other Windows based computers but with the lightweight casing that has attracted teenagers to devices like the MacBook Air. The difference is that when the MacBook is used, it can only use certain programs, while the Windows based ultra-books are compatible with most computer programs and they are much less expensive than the MacBook. The ultra-book is ideal for virtually any teenager from the teen who wants to participate in all types of online gaming to those who want to do more with their homework. This is one gadget that is perfect for almost any teenager.

Author Bio: This is guest post is written by Courtney Lee who is a part-time blogger and student from USA. Apart from blogging, she enjoys surfing the web, playing online games, and watching TV shows on her Dell ultrabook.


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  1. Hi Ash,

    Wow! Indeed, this is an accurate list. I’ve seen a lot of people who gave and received some of these gadgets. If only I had the money during Christmas sale, I’ve bought an Android Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 the 2nd gen to be precise.

    Thank you for sharing this list.

  2. A great list for kids. I have bought an iPad 3 for my kid recently. Thanks for sharing.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted..Top 7 Best Places to Visit in AlbertaMy Profile

  3. My pick would be Amazon Kindles as one can carry it anywhere to read his favorite e-books. And the cost is low too considering other gadgets.
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted..Things to do in Kingston upon HullMy Profile

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